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Specialists in light gauge steel design & construction

01628 857455

2411 Group Products

Light gauge steel bespoke section forming from the 2411 Group, UK

Bespoke Section Forming

2411 Group have the ability to create non-standard sections using state of the art press brake and laser cutting machines.

Press Braking:

  • Up to 9m in length
  • Maximum thickness of 8mm
  • Products include:
    • Top Hats
    • Zed Bars
    • Zed Hangers
    • Cleats
    • Purlin/rail sleeves
    • Bespoke beams
    • Structural fascias
    • Roof and wall panels

We can combine our bespoke press braking abilities with the state of the art laser cutting machine, that allows us to create custom section shapes on the 9x3m bed laser cutter.

  • Up to 25mm in mild steel
  • Up to 10mm in stainless steel
  • Up to 8mm in aluminium


+ 01628 857455